Parents' Great Helper - Leo Wristwatch for Children with GPS and 911 Signal

GuardianLion Leo Wristwatch

Leo wristwatch is really a lately presented prototype watch which was designed to be able to boost the safety of the family members, especially children. Although still within the development, it's already known the product by GuardianLion Company is going to be outfitted having a mobile phone, GPS, in addition to having a stress button system that instantly alerts the government bodies and fogeys if required. There's also an optional securing mechanism for that wristlet from the watch (made from “titanium-woven steel” that can't be side stepped or opened up without bolt blades.)

GuardianLion Leo Wristwatch features

Because of the planned options that come with Leo wristwatch, parents or parents will have the ability to track the movement of their children and also to know their exact place (that will most likely 't be that attractive to the children being monitored). Because it is introduced, this is possible on request, too as with predetermined periods. You'll also have alerts if the person who carries the timepiece makes its way into or leaves a particular area that may be set while using watch’s programs. Besides, there's also a security that may be triggered if your individual from the watch surpasses a posted speed limit which clearly implies that the kid has been driven in the vehicle.

Probably the most important features is unquestionably its stress button system you can use to immediately alert the mother and father and government bodies, along with the exact coordinates of the child’s location which are supplied by the integrated Global Position System. Since such alerts are devised to be able to be utilized in harmful situations, even potential kidnappings, it had been clearly vital that you make certain this feature wouldn't be triggered with a mistake or by an accidental push. That's why the stress product is triggered by concurrently pressing two push-pieces situated on every side from the case.

GuardianLion Leo Wristwatch Graph

As possible seen in the presented photos from the timekeeper, the look of the merchandise is going to be like low-end digital watches. The housing is rectangular formed just like the attachment obtainable in various colors (for instance grey, yellow, green, light blue and crimson), as the face from the watch shows the present some time and is centered using the mobile phone features. If your buyer demands so, it will likewise be possible to obtain the watch using the securing mechanism that's designed to provide additional safety and disable its removal. Because the GuardianLion’s CEO, founder, and inventor of Leo wristwatch, Jason Sullivan, describes, this lock is really tough it can't be opened up and removed without bolt blades.

GuardianLion Leo Wristwatch Tracking

Aside from children, the maker suggests its product to individuals like Alzheimer patients in order to trackers and walkers. Regrettably, it's yet unknown which cell phone platform is going to be utilized in the merchandise. This really is likely triggered because the merchandise continues to be inside a prototype phase and requires additional funding to be able to begin to see the light during the day. Now, you'll be able to pre-order the merchandise in the cost of $119 and, in ways, purchase the development of this watch.

Even though it appears this product may potentially help the children who put on it, and even perhaps save their lives (mainly its stress button system) situation a little questionable, especially in the privacy aspect.