Kids Waterproof Watches

Reviewing Apple Watch Series 1

How often should smartwatches iterate? It's a difficult question. Motorola isn't seeing the benefit in doing it yearly, and it's not the only one. Apple chose to wait 18 months between the first and second models of its smartwatch, but that may still have been short enough to irk those who spent a great deal of money on the first.

Choosing a Tough and Rugged Waterproof Watches For Kids

If you are looking a watch for your kids, whether for personal gift, a birthday present, graduations or just for fun, one should keep in mind a few things. Especially if your kids start to actively playing outdoor and sometimes end up damaging his own watches. What kind of tough and rugged watches should I go with? 

Cheap Watch is the best option?

Crazy Genie Waterproof Digital Sports Multifunctional Casual Watch

Crazy Genie Classic Waterproof Sports Brand Watch

This Crazy Genie water resistant digital & analog sports watch is suitable for many occasions. Equipped with time and date mode, alarm mode, stopwatch mode, second-time mode and display two times.

Nike Hurricane Analog Blue Sport Kids Watch

Nike Hurricane Analog Sports Water Resistant Watch For Kids

This Nike sports watch is unique. It case wtih translucent blue urethane strap, the light blue hurricane design make it looks playful. In terms of dial, it adds blue dial which is perfect for summer.

Stunning Bonlove Multifunction Waterproof Sport Digital Kids Diving Watch

Bonlove Multifunction Waterproof Diving Watch

This Bonlove fashionable, very charming for all occasions. A big digital display,makes it easier to read the time. It case with highly transparent resin glass, Germany imported TPU resin strap make it comfortable to wear.