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A Complete Guidebook On Casio G-Shock GravityMaster GPW 1000 Watches

Casio G-Shock GravityMaster GPW 1000 Watch delivers inside its defiantly oversized body an extremely small GPS receiver, a state of the art solar-powered quartz movement, as well as their signature Multi-Band 6 technology that allows the device to automatically receive standard time-calibration signal from atomic clocks. What else would you probably ask from this little monster? Make you breakfast?

Casio WSD-F10 Series – New Tough Smart Outdoor Watch

Usually, we inform you of the new toughest watch models, but this time, we are so excited to show you the new Casio Smart Outdoor Watch – The WSD-F10 series, one of the toughest smartwatch available right now.

Rugged smartwatch sequel essential guide to Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20

The Casio WSD-F20, the Japanese company's second stab at the Android Wear market, was revealed over in Vegas at CES 2017.

The successor to the Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 now falls under the company's Pro Trek Smart Series and delivers the feature we wanted most from the original: built-in GPS.

First impressions: Casio WSD-F20 review

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Pro Trek Smart...

Reviewing The New G-Shock Master In Desert Camouflage Series

Casio G-Shock releasing their new model of its line with the release of New G-Shock Master In Desert Camouflage Series. These new models part of G-Shock Master of G line – the toughest watch models that come together with new features and design inspired by camouflage uniforms worn by military unit in the desert.

Tough Watches Aren’t Always Black

While watches do not appear to be affected by fashion trends, I do, for whatever reason, sometimes when I am wearing so-called tactical pants, I am associate it with Non-Black color G-Shock military-style watches, like Green, Olive Drab, or even with Camouflage color themes. For me, tough watches aren’t always in black. However, I am also love to wearing G-Shock Tan, Khaki or Sand and Beige color.