A Complete Guidebook On Viita Titan HRV Smartwatch

The new Viita Titan HRV is a smartwatch inspired in design by Iceland’s mountains and aims to fill the gap between luxury timepieces and state-of-the-art smartwatch technology. Our intention was to create a lightweight, reliable smartwatch for active people who want a smartwatch that can be versatile enough to fit a lifestyle that includes socializing, work, and play without looking or feeling out of place.

We started with ensuring that the best in watchmaking craftsmanship is achieved by sourcing the best possible materials. The housing is milled out of a full grade 1 titanium block, supported by a zirconia ceramic ZR02 bezel. Premium watches use only sapphire glass, Viita Titan HRV is the first to combine this ultra-scratch resistant material with a touch screen and on top is 100m of water resistance. The back cover is made from aircraft aluminum.

On the technology side Viita Titan HRV not only measures heart rate, but also heart rate variability (HRV). This enables the watch to measure stress and regeneration status, besides standard features like steps and calorie tracking, notifications for calls and several messenger services, a “Find my Phone” feature and a smart alarm that wakes you at the perfect time within a pre-defined 30-minute timeframe. With its GPS sensor, it also tracks over 19 different sports activities so you can leave your phone at home when going for a run.

The titanium case of the new Titan HRV is 46mm wide, 16mm thick and only weighs 87g. The ultra-bright LCD display under the sapphire glass has a resolution of 320×290 pixels. Aiming to provide an outstanding battery life for a smartwatch we have developed our own customized mainboard combined with a highly efficient power management system. The mainboard is based on two processors that are assigned to tasks they are most efficient in. We are using processors from MTK as well as one from Nordic. Besides a high-frequency optical sensor that measures not only your heart rate but also your heart rate variability, TITAN HRV contains a 3-axis-accelerometer for tracking your steps, movement and sleep, GPS & Glonass support, and a Bluetooth Smart connection.

Viita Titan HRV works with both, iOS and Android devices. The accompanying app is intuitive to use and you’ll see all the important information at a glimpse. It is now available for the early-bird price of $329 for the first 147 pieces on Indiegogo. It comes with a 2-year warranty and free international shipping. You can find out more and get the Viita Titan HRV at our indiegogo page here.

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