this is Patek Philippe Nautilus watch

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The Patek Philippe Nautilus was Just Another one of Genta's original designs. Knowing the Stern family were excited yachtsmen, Genta as a sports watch with a bezel resembling a 24, designed the Nautilus in 1974. Genta designed the Golden Ellipse in 1968 for Patek Philippe. The Patek Philippe Nautilus is still one of the very popular and iconic luxury sports watches.

Owen & Robinson’s guide to best Zenith Watches

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Zenith watch are famous for several firsts and inventions. In the world's first automatic chronograph calibre into timepieces that may capture a shocking 1/100th of another -- their standing is inseparable in their pioneering heritage and their devotion towards producing wristwatches that combine accuracy, quality and reliability.

What's so important about wearing ladies' watches?

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Buy women's watches as much as possible to choose waterproof watches, watches are not waterproof or the case is poorly sealed, it is easy to cause the watch core to malfunction. In addition, when water or moisture enters the watch movement, the steel parts will rust, the quartz watch will malfunction, and it may seriously damage the parts. Even some tiny dust or fibers can drill into the watch movement and stop the watch. Or not allowed to go.

For men, everyday accessories are not as much as girls

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For men, the daily accessories are not as many as girls, come and go no more than tie, belt, wallet, mechanical watches ... As we all know, the taste of women is just invisible from the bag, you must Full body observation. But depending on the taste of a man, you can see the watch you wear.

Men's watches must be selected according to the following three points!

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Most boys do not pay much attention to wearing men's watches, and think that having a mechanical watch can cope with all occasions. I don't know the details can better reflect a person's taste. The untimely wear of the watch will cause the whole person's taste to decline linearly, so the men's watch must be selected according to the following three points!

Watches are made of these materials, do you know?

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Men's gold watches are made of many materials, a precious metal with a very high hardness, and a higher density than gold. The mainstream platinum used for watchmaking is platinum with a purity of 95%. Imprint. Platinum is a metal with very stable chemical properties, and its corrosion resistance is higher than that of gold. Most top brands have platinum watches, which are expensive. Ceramics, which are used as materials for watches, are different from traditional daily-use ceramics.

The value of mechanical watches is more reflected in decoration and personal charm

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Mechanical watches are not very outstanding in the category of watches, because everyone knows that mechanical watches have errors, and errors within a certain range are allowed, so they are not dominant in display time. In addition, the mechanical watch movement is more complicated and more troublesome in terms of maintenance. It may be fun for true watch lovers, but most people who wear watches do not want such "fragile" watches. The editor thinks that it is reasonable for mechanical watches to spread for so many years.